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Refocusing When Things Are Going Wrong.

Holy moly! It’s been awhile since I’ve struggled so horribly with my physical health. I’m 99% sure that my iron is incredibly low, which has been affecting my energy, focus and concentration greatly. I’ve had to reschedule meetings, miss classes and miss multiple gym sessions because of it, which makes me pretty unhappy. I’ve also been taking 3 hour naps every day and waking up exhausted.

For females, it’s difficult to have sufficient iron stores because of our menstrual cycles. Also, because I don’t eat red meat very often, it’s even harder. I’ll need to research into fruits and vegetables that are high in iron and go from there, as well as start taking my supplements again. (For vegetables, the body needs to be acidic enough to properly absorb the iron! Which takes a little while… sigh) I hope to get this fully under control before the school year starts in September.

I’ve decided to spend tonight on me, as N is at his parents’ place for today/tomorrow.

Things I’ll be doing:

  1. Making protein balls!
  2. Design a manageable morning/evening routine
  3. Some sort of dinner
  4. Shower
  5. Study a bit
  6. Read

Tomorrow morning:

  1. Blood test!!!!!
  2. Breakfast
  3. Work training

And of course, a quote.

“No one will improve his health significantly without accurately perceiving priorities, knowing clearly what is at stake if those are not attended to and what is to be gained if acted on correctly. That’s the basic homework before any change can come about. Then that knowledge has to be transformed into a sustainable motivation.”
― Darrell Calkins


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