My Overarching Attitude Towards Life

“I only have (generously) 100 years on this planet. I am but a visitor. I am one in 7 billion, but only 1 of the many, many people who have lived before me. In the grand scheme of things, what I do doesn’t really matter. I can make the worst of it, or the best of it. I hope to make the best of it. To use my time on this planet to experience the most I can of love, fear, and light. To love overwhelmingly, boldly, unapologetically, and vulnerably. To leave a positive impact on the planet and my loved ones, in whatever way that manifests.” – from my post, “Living Softer, Kinder, and More Gentle with Myself”

I am living, breathing, and constantly in progress. There is no end to what I can achieve, what I can experience, nor what I can work towards. As long as I take control and responsibility for the energy in my life and what I put out into the world, and recognize that I have the power to turn it into something positive, rather than negative, I will be a force of nature. I am a force of nature.